The Mountain Beverly Hills, considered by many to be the last true frontier in 90210 zip code, has been under  development for twelve years. Just five minutes from the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel and moments from the world class shopping district of Rodeo Drive, the 157 acre (63.5 hectare) hilltop estate off  Benedict Canyon has been transformed into the world’s most exclusive and private residential piece of  real estate. 


• Uninterrupted views from Downtown LA to Catalina Island. 

• Private road and one of  the most secure locations in the world. 

• No neighboring houses within 1000 Meters. 

• The highest point in Beverly Hills, seen from all of  Los Angeles.  

• As a one-of-a-kind property, there will never be another like it. 


The buyer of this property will be able to build 3-500,000 square feet of  buildings if he desires, park hundreds of  cars for his guests within his compound  while overlooking the entire city of Los Angeles. No property with these possibilities exists anyplace close to  Beverly Hills. The owner can have a palace, guest homes and art or car museums. They could build a soccer field and a polo field side by side and still have lunch at the Beverly Hills hotel within 5 minutes. This compound truly is the size of a city with its size of 157 Acres (Disneyland is 80  Acres). The Mountain can easily incorporate the highest security features and protocols due to its infrastructure design and secluded location. There are many houses for hundreds of millions in the Beverly Hills area but all of those homes together don't add up the size of this property. There is no like for like property anywhere. 

The Mountain Beverly Hills has been prepared with 6 shovel ready lots for whatever structures the new owner wishes to build. Though some have considered building 6 separate residential homes, we feel this would be a waste of value. Homes of that size can be found in any gated community around the world, but this unique property is better suited to be taken by one individual who wants his own city like compound.


Amenities and Land Improvements

  • Over $50 Million has gone into the physical land improvements of this property since its inception
  • More than 500 trees along with over 5,000 smaller plants have been transplanted to the property
  • A massive 16 foot tall, 30 foot wide security gate was custom designed and built
  • Stone Aggregate roads leading to a hand selected cobble stone drive
  • A sculpture court accented with a full length water feature
  • In depth landscape lighting design throughout the entire property
  • All dry and wet utilities fully installed including conduit for fiber optic network
  • Intricate storm drain system to ensure proper drainage of the entire property, including large water retention basin on site
  • State of the art TigerFlow booster system for all fire hydrants to ensure complete protection from fire dangers
  • Back up generator large enough to run up to 300,000 square feet of buildings in the event of a city wide power outage
  • Every consideration was taken in regards to making this one of the most highly securable property in the world.
  • Vested Trac map that ensures the grandfather'd in ability to build homes up to 48 ft in height, 12 feet higher than the current allowable height